Frequently Asked Questions

"What do I wear during my massage? Am I supposed to wear my underwear?"

My advice would be to wear whatever you are comfortable with. Some styles of massage like Cranial Sacral and Shiatsu are meant to be performed with the client fully clothed. Most typical modalities, however, are best experienced with no clothes on. You will be fully draped at all times.

"Do you accept credit cards?"

Yes! Of course. We accept payment from credit cards via square. We also use payment in cash or through Venmo.

"How long of a session should I book?"

A 60 minute session is plenty of time for a basic full body massage or for a focus area massage. A 90 minute session is perfect for a full body massage with special focus on 2 major areas.

"How often should I get massage?"

Once a month is perfect for most people who are looking to maintain a healthy, pain-free body. Athletes and people with highly active jobs should probably plan on twice a month. Structrual clients and those recovering from injuries and looking to regain range of motion quicker should be seen about once a week or so.

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